Which camera do you use?

Nikon D5100 DSLR.

How long have you been playing the Piano?

I’ve been playing keys since childhood. It all started when a teacher in my playschool saw me play the major scale blindfolded; I was just 2 and a half years old back then.

How do you record your videos/audio? Which video editor?

Since my Yamaha Piano is MIDI enabled, I am able to connect it to my DAW and hit record which gives me the audio while video-taping my performance. I then sync the audio and video in Sony Vegas Pro.

How old are you & when is your birthday?

I’m 21 years old and it’s on 6th September.

How did you learn music?

I am mostly self-taught in Piano. I am Indian classically trained in vocals by my guru Mrs Poonam Kishore. I used to play Harmonium in high school when I realized it wasn’t a solo instrument, that was when I shifted to Piano. I remember locking myself in my room everyday, away from all the distractions, learning tough solos which were totally beyond my level of playing that time. Thus perfecting them, I gradually improved my skills learning and playing this way.

How long does it take you to learn a new piece of music & do you have perfect pitch?

It totally depends on the piece. Like if it’s an EDM or Pop song, I am able to figure out the notes and chords right during the first listen. Preparing it for a performance takes a couple of hours but that’s the thing about improvisation – If you can remember the melody, you can play your left hand chords in any arpeggiated way and the other person will def like it. This, of course, comes with time and experience. So the main thing for me is remembering the melody.

Maybe, but there’s ALWAYS room for improvement and I think you should never stop learning.

Can you read sheet music?

Yes I can. Though I prefer playing by ear. No matter how much I sucked in studies, I have the ability to remember and learn melodies by heart & I love it that way. It’s like carrying PDF files in your brain. Yes, I tend to read and learn the notes ‘off by heart’ instead of actually sight reading the music whilst I play with the sheets in front of me on the piano. To be honest I find it easier with no sheets in front of me; because then I’m able to put all my concentration in the song.

Can you play piano purely by listening to it without any notes or sheet music?

Yes I can & that’s the reason I’m able to upload songs which aren’t even released yet. I still remember when I was young and wanting to play my favorite Bollywood songs, but could never find sheets or MIDI files of them. But NO MORE. If you want sheets of ANY song in the world, in ANY language (released/unreleased, new/old), hit me up!! I’ll hook You with the sheets, MIDI or tutorial within 2 days.

What would you recommend to improve my abilities on the piano?

Get a tutor & practice as much as you can. If you’re one of those people who find classical music boring, that’s not a problem. There’s always a tough solo by someone on YouTube of your favorite songs, learn & perfect those to the point that you’re the one who plays that song the best. This way you will learn technique, speed & how that arranger improvised which will eventually spring ideas in your brain after some time. Though the best way to always learn is getting a tutor or going to a music school and doing the Piano course. Going to Piano lessons which teach you discipline and so much more; there’s a correct posture to even sit on the Piano bench or correct hand posture, etc. So I would suggest you to get a good tutor & keep learning extra things from YouTube.

I can teach you too if you can commute to Delhi/NCR once a week.

How often do you practice?

Depends. Like on a free day I would easily go more than 5 or 6 hours. But on working days, I make sure I practice atleast 15-30 minutes, if not hours. Touching the ivories once is a very important deal for me everyday and I try not a break the streak; it’s like praying to a God or going to the temple to pray. I think we all should treat our instruments like that, with respect & keep them clean & fit just like me pamper ourselves.

Do you take requests?

Yes, please check the page HIRE ME for more details.

What Piano should I buy?

I recommend going to a Piano store & trying out different models/companies and choosing the best one for you, which you feel is right. It’s like getting a dog from a litter, you’ll know which one to pick. I personally would go for Yamaha, Kawai & Roland, they sound amazing & have never led me down.

Can we send you fan mail?

I love fan mail. If you send me something, please mention your email or FB link. I’ll make sure I say thanks to you personally.

My address is: J-118 (First Floor), Sector – 41, Noida (UP) India, PIN – 201301

I love your music. Can I donate?

Yes you may. My PayPal ID – nhasit@yahoo.com


  1. Hey Hasit,
    I’ve been listening to your music for 2 years now. You really are talented. The improvement is visible. You rock! It’s alright to say that you are the best pianist in India. Keep it up. Hope to see you live one day. 🙂

  2. hii hasit….m also ur big fan i hv yr’s all tutorials that are osm n best in the world. you are no 1 painist in india at present bro, keep it up…my story is also same as yrs…i learned by own but i hav priblems in left hand chords…please suggest me wt to do bro…..i hv yamaha i425….

  3. Hello,
    I find you quite amusing and u r really a gifted person. Frankly im just 14 and i do play piano, i haven’t really attended piano classes, but i play contemporary songs with chords and arpeggios (Youtube helps!), the only problem i face is that i cant figure out the chords for many of the songs and not many videos specify which chords are used, so my question, how do u figure out the chords for a song just by listening to it? Any exercises? I know u dont have time to reply every single person like this. But yeah if u did, i would be really greatful
    -A great fan and follower

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