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What are the delivery charges for my order on your website?

It’s FREE. There are no delivery or shipping charges. You receive the products via an exclusive download link sent to the email address you used to buy it from (your PayPal or Net Banking email address) after successful checkout.

I bought something from you but I don't have access to the email address through which it was purchased. Help?

Sure. Send us the correct information about your order with the order number, we’ll be happy to send you the download link at your new email address.

Which payment methods are accepted in your online Hasit Nanda Shop?

We accept Credit card, Debit card, PayPal, PayTM & Direct Bank Transfer.

We suggest Credit card, Debit card or PayPal for Non-Indian residents; and PayTM for Indian residents for the FASTEST checkout and delivery experience. Direct Bank Transfer takes 3-4 business days for the funds to reach us, after which we send you the downloads.

If you want to pay using Amazon Wallet/ Giftcards, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

How long will delivery take?

If you’re paying by Credit/Debit card, PayPal or PayTM, you receive the products instantly, that is, as soon as you click on the checkout button.

If you’re paying with Direct Bank Transfer, you will receive our Bank Account information after checkout. You will then send the transfer to our bank account using that information. It takes about 3-4 business days for it to reach us, after which we send you the products and downloads

I did not receive a download link of my order.

If you do not receive the download link after checkout, kindly email us ( or text us on WhatsApp (+91-7701944152) with your order number and we will personally send it to you within 24 hours.

How secure is shopping in your Shop? Is my data protected?

Yes. Our website is SSL encyrpted which makes the connection between the website and your browser ‘secure’. So be sure that your shopping experience at our website will always have a secure connection, which ensures that all data transmitted between our website and your browser remains encrypted.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After you add a product in to your cart, you can check out or add more products to your cart. Once you checkout, the website will automatically & instantly send you the exclusive download link for the product(s) that you just bought. If you do not recieve the download link, make sure to check your spam folder. You can always sned us an e-mail and we will be happy to send you the products directly.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes. You will recieve an invoice after you place the order.

Q&A w/ Hasit Nanda

Which camera do you use?

I have two cameras. Sony A-6300 & Nikon D-5100.

How long have you been playing the Piano?

I’ve been playing Keyboard and Piano since childhood. It all started when a teacher in my playschool saw me play the major scale blindfolded; I was just 2 and a half years old back then.

How do you record your videos/audio? Which video editor?

Since my Yamaha digital Piano is MIDI enabled, I am able to connect it to my DAW and hit record which gives me the audio while video-taping my performance. I then sync the audio and video in Sony Vegas Pro. The audio comes from a VST plugin called Ivory 2 American Steinway Grand D model by Synthogy.

How old are you & when is your birthday?

I’m 23 & my birthday in on 6th of September.

How did you learn music?

I am mostly self-taught in Piano. I have been trained in Indian Classical vocals by my Guru Mrs Poonam Kishore. I used to play Harmonium in high school when I realized it wasn’t a solo instrument, that was when I shifted to Piano. I remember locking myself in my room everyday, away from all the distractions, learning tough solos which were totally beyond my level of playing that time. Thus perfecting them, I gradually improved my skills learning and playing this way.

How long does it take you to learn a new piece of music & do you have perfect pitch?

It totally depends on the piece. Like if it’s an EDM or Pop song, I am able to figure out the notes and chords right during the first listen. Preparing it for a performance takes a couple of hours but that’s the thing about improvisation – If you can remember the melody, you can play your left hand chords in any arpeggiated way and the other person will definitely like it. This, of course, comes with time and experience. So the main thing for me is remembering the melody.

Yes I believe I have perfect pitch which is the ability to recognize the pitch of a note or produce any given note on the Piano, but there’s ALWAYS room for improvement and I think you should never stop learning.

Can you play piano purely by listening to it without any notes or sheet music?

Yes. That’s the reason I’m able to play songs which aren’t even released yet. I still remember when I was young, wanting to play my favorite songs, but could never find sheets or MIDI files for them. But NO MORE. If you want sheets or midi or just a tutorial of ANY song in the world, in ANY language (released/unreleased, new/old), contact me!! I can make custom high quality sheet music or midi files for you.

Do you teach?

Yes. I take solo Piano lessons at my place in Delhi NCR area. I have a few slots left, enroll now. E-Mail me –

Do you take online lessons?

No. But I might do a video course tutorial soon.

What would you recommend to improve my abilities on the piano?

Get a good tutor & practice as much as you can. If you’re one of those people who finds classical music boring, that’s not a problem. There’s always a tough solo by someone on YouTube of your favorite songs, learn & perfect those to the point that you’re the one who plays that song the best. This way you will learn technique, speed & how that arranger improvised which will eventually spring new ideas in your brain. Though the best way to learn is getting a tutor or going to a music school and doing the Piano course. Going to Piano lessons which will teach you discipline and so much more; there’s a correct posture to sit on the Piano bench or correct hand posture, etc. So I would suggest you to get a good tutor & keep learning extra things from YouTube.

I can teach you too if you can commute to Delhi/NCR once a week.

I do not have a good tutor in my area. What can I do about that?

I understand your problem but please understand that I cannot do anything about that. I cannot come to your area or city to fill the good tutor spot. But you’re ALWAYS welcome to come to Delhi and learn from me. I have many students who travel more than 800 kilometers every week to reach my place and learn under my guidance. Many of my students are renowned Pianists today and have made a name for them.

How often do you practice?

As much as I can. Like on a free day I would easily go more than 5 or 6 hours. But on working days, I make sure I practice at least 15-30 minutes, if not hours. Playing my instrument at least once everyday is a very important rule for me and I try not a break the streak; it’s like worshiping God for me. I think we all should treat our instruments like that, with respect, keep them clean just like we pamper ourselves.

Do you take cover requests?

Yes, please check the page HIRE ME for more details.

What Piano should I buy?

I recommend going to a Piano store & trying out different models/companies and choosing the best one for you, which you feel is right. It’s like getting a dog from a litter, you’ll know which one to pick. I personally would go for Yamaha, Kawai & Roland, they sound amazing & have never let me down.
But if you want me to suggest you a particular model; if your budget is less than Rs 50,000 (750$) then go for Yamaha P-45; if your budget is more than that but less than Rs 100,000 (1600$), than go for Yamaha DGX-640; if your budget is higher then you could choose from Yamaha CP-4, Korg Grandstage, Roland RD-2000 or Nord Stage Pianos.

Can we send you fan mail?

I love fan mail. If you send me something, please mention your Email or Facebook link. I’ll make sure I say thanks to you personally.

Send mail here: 1015, Udai Apartments, Sector-29, Noida (UP) India, PIN – 201301

Note: This is not my home address so kindly don’t show up there asking for me because I won’t be there. It’s just a fan mail spot I set up there which gets sent to me monthly.

I love your music. Can I donate?

Donate via PayPal –
Donate via PayTM – Send the donation to my PayTM number +91-7701944152

What do you recommend to young people to reach their goals? I have lack of inspiration, what should I do?

NEVER GIVE UP. Learn your art first. There is no short way. After you master your art, be consistent while making videos or music and try to create a fan base. Being consistent, good, simple and to the point is the key for me.

If I ever find myself distracted or out of inspiration, I watch YouTube videos of my favorite YouTubers or I watch an inspirational movie which gives me enough motivation to start again and reminds me why not to give up and why I started my musical journey in the first place.

Do you sing?

I used to. But now I don’t.

Which DAW do you use?

FL Studio is my main software 95% of the time. I use Cubase and Mixcraft for things FL Studio cannot do.

Where did you learn Piano, editing, recording, production?

I learned all of that on my own by watching YouTube videos and trying new things by myself. I think it’s the best way for me to learn new things because if I go to a school to learn Photoshop, they’ll only be teaching me what to do. But when I learn it myself, I get to know what to do AND what not do.

How do you manage to play chords so easily even when you are not trained?

Playing chords is not witchcraft. It’s just like playing the right hand. All this comes with practice, patience, practicing the right things and learning from the right person.

Should I buy a keyboard or a Piano? Weighted or non-weighted keys?

I would never buy a keyboard. I would always go for a digital Piano. Reason is because I would feel the need to upgrade to a Grand Piano sooner than I realize. Then what’s the point of getting a keyboard, get a Piano directly which will be future proof and you will never have to upgrade it. Buy a digital Piano with weighted keys so you get the feel of a real grand Piano on it; that way you will not have problems while playing a real Grand Piano. Keyboard keys are soft and don’t require finger pressure; while weighted keys will train you to play a real grand Piano where finger pressure is required.

Which is better - being self taught or learning from a teacher?

I’m a mixture of both. I learned so many things while I was in school from my school teachers which I use even till date. I learned many things from YouTube from fellow Pianists. I learned sheet music from a school in Delhi. So I would say a mixture of both the things is the best.

Do you suggest learning sheet music or doing grades?

Sure if you have the time. Nothing like going to a proper music school and learning under someone’s guidance. But if you’re old and do not have the time to give 6-8 years for serious learning, then self teaching or a local tutor would do the job too.

What was your first Piano?

I remember I was standing on the road waiting for my Dad to bring me a birthday present when I was 4 years old and he got me a Casio SA-25 toy Piano. I was so happy that day. After that came a Casio keybaord (4 octaves) which my mom’s friend gave to me, I still have both of these. Then when I was in high school, some of my friends used to lend me their keyboards, I remeber having Yamaha PSD i-425 and PSR i-455, which I had to return them after some time. It was not until my college 1st year when my Dad bought me the Yamaha DGX-640 digital Piano which I still use till date in my covers. That changed it all for me 🙂

I would like to thank all of my friends who lend me their keyboards, my teachers, gurus, parents, school for helping and teaching me so much.

Can you play any other instrument?

I can play Harmonium as good as I can play the Piano. Other than that, I know a bit of Tabla, Drums, Violin and Xylophone. Having the knowledge of other instruments helps me to work with them using good VST libraries.

What equipments do you use to make a cover video?

Two cameras, sheet music software to make sheets and arrange, a VST for the sound, a DAW like FL Studio, my Piano, camera stand, extra lighting, that’s it I guess.

How long will it take for me to play like you?

There’s no such thing that in 2 years you can become like me, it might take you more or less time depending on many factors like how and what you practice, how much and who’s teaching you and even what songs you are hearing everyday (it’s more of an experience which leads to the end result). The question when you ask me how long will it take to learn Piano is actually invalid. I have students who practice 16 hours a day and are able to play exactly like me in just 3 months, on the other hand I have students who would practice just 1 hour so they’re getting better gradually.

So it all depends on how much time you devote to the instrument. No course duration. The way I teach is we do 2-3 theory classes and then directly jump to learning songs, which are taught in basic < advanced < virtuoso levels as and when required.

What is the EDM scene in India according to you?

It’s good and definitely evolving. India is a huge market which is why foreign DJs are targeting Indian markets.

When can we expect an album or an original from you?

I have an original EDM collaboration with Jayden Jaxx and Mitika which will be released later this year. I would definitely love to work on a Piano album when I have the resources for it.

What would you recommend upcoming artists in India?

Don’t let people or things take you down. Even if you’re not good looking, super rich or have big contacts, you can still make it. Be consistent, have discipline about everything and work hard.

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