Why Do Your Favorite DJs Support This YouTuber?

Everyone has dreams, but only few have the courage to leave everything else to pursue them.
They run towards what they want with a force that nobody can stop. Maybe when you work so
hard for something like that, you end up getting what you’ve wanted.
Let’s talk about Hasit Nanda, today. If you follow even a bit of EDM, you’ve definitely seen him
crop up social media posts of many, many popular artists. A lot of people have often wondered
what’s so special about a young man who locks himself up in a room and plays the piano in a not
so aesthetic background.
This is a good time to understand that content matters more than form and Hasit definitely has a
lot of unique content. While the man often gets YouTube comments to have his walls painted, but
the comments that praise his excellent skills outnumber the former ones.
But aren’t there many like Hasit?
Not really. When was the last time you heard that all top 100 DJs, ranked as per DJ Mag, have
supported a young artist?
Well, Hasit is the only pianist to have been able to gain the respect and attention on not one, two
or three, but all hundred DJs from the Top 100 DJ list. The likes of Kshmr, Hardwell and Martin
Garrix are just a few to name. Some of these star music producers are even friends with this boy.
The years of dedication and hours spent practicing while people his age do more ‘fun things’,
seem to definitely be paying off for him and there is indeed a bigger and brighter future to come.

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