When Hasit Met Kshmr

If you haven’t heard of KSHMR, you’re probably living under a gigantic rock.

He was awarded the “The Highest New Entry” when he was ranked number 23 in the 2015 Top 100 DJs. He moved up to number 12 in 2016 and maintained his position in 2017.

 With hits like “Jammu”, “Bazaar”, “Mandala” and “Under Water”, Kshmr has gathered fans
from all over the world. While a lot of people may adore Kshmr and would want to get his
attention, only few can actually catch the attention of this wonderful man.
One such person happens to be Hasit Nanda. Hasit is best known for his melodious covers of
popular EDM tracks and has over a 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. Hasit started covering
popular EDM songs and found his way into Kshmr’s music that seemed to have cast a spell on
the young musician.
For a long time, Hasit kept covering Kshmr’s latest songs in his own style. Kshmr’s tunes and
Hasit’s style of piano-playing seemed to have caught most people’s attention and his covers
received a massive amount of social media shares and views.
Going as huge as Hasit did, is bound to attract attention and guess whose attention did the man

It was none other than Kshmr.

Kshmr was mesmerized by Hasit’s skills and even shared some of his covers on his social media.
With that, began a wonderful friendship. In fact, music brought them close enough that they now
consider each other to be brothers.
After a lot of correspondence over the internet, Kshmr and Hasit finally met. And as Hasit
described it, it was definitely one of his dreams come true. They first met during the Sunburn
festival in 2015 in Goa. Since then Hasit and Kshmr have been in constant contact and Kshmr is
like a mentor to Hasit and to Kshmr, Hasit is like a little brother.
The two have spent quite a lot of time together playing Pokemon Go and touring around popular
spots in Delhi. Kshmr and Hasit have a bond so strong that Kshmr has visited and stayed with
Hasit and his family.
The mutual love for music, Hasit’s regard for Kshmr and Kshmr’s grounded nature have played a
major role in their friendship and has solidified the beautiful relationship these two musical souls
cherish, and in the future, we can only expect amazing things from them.

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