Hasit Nanda’s Power Packed Year

There seems to be a new kid on the block who is on a roll in the music industry and is capturing
all the attention. For those of you who are up to date with the music scene on YouTube are aware
about this pianist. Hasit Nanda is a YouTuber who creates his own piano arrangements for
popular EDM songs. With more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Hasit has sure made his
own fan-following. However, with due time, Hasit has entered into music production and has
begun to show us some of his DJ skills as well.
December 2016 and the rest of 2017 brought Hasit many travel opportunities to take his music
and talent on stage all across the country. It was about time that people got to see their favorite
Indian pianist come outside of their computer screens and onto a real stage. After all, live music
is a different feeling.
Hasit’s power packed year began in December 2016 when he played with Kshmr at the main
stage in the Sunburn festival in Pune. But this was just the beginning.In October 2017, Hasit and
his big brother, Kshmr reunited during Kshmr’s India tour where Hasit opened for him in Delhi.
With all the love and support of his fans and well wishers, 2017 also brought Hasit his first ever
November 2017 was packed for him as he toured with his music to Assam and Meghalaya, after
he had done an earlier show in Kolkata way back in July 2017. And, he wrapped up his year by
performing at the “World’s Biggest Guest List” festival where he performed for Hardwell. All of
this has definitely helped Hasit carve a place for himself in the industry.
With this new year, we can only wonder what more surprises this young musician has for us!

One thought on “Hasit Nanda’s Power Packed Year

  1. Hariom Verma says:

    By the day i watched Hasit Nanda’s video my interest towards piano became infinity. When i am sitting alone in class ,i just try to move fingers on table ,try to pump it like Hasit Nanda. And you know what, some may me Srkian ,some may be Salmanic{salman}
    But i am HASITian and really enjoy to have an artist like Hasit Nanda. Proud to be HASITian.
    Thank you Hasit Nanda.

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