Hello World, Hasit Nanda Is Mobile Responsive!

How often do you ever get a chance to interact with your favorite artist on the go?

Not very often, perhaps. But that’s not how it is with Hasit. Hasit is extremely grateful to his fans
that have got him to the place where he is today. He says that it’s only because of all his fans that
he is getting to do what he wants.
In return, all he wants is to give back to the people that have helped his dream come true. He
wants to know his fans and to bridge the gap between him and them. This led to him wishing to
become mobile responsive. And he has done it.
Hasit is working on an app which will keep one in touch with all of Hasit’s plans and updates.
Besides the app, you can view his website on your phones and enjoy the mobile experience that
it provides. Isn’t that cool? But, it’s not all. Hasit has also made himself available for WhatsApp
and video calls that you can sign up for.
So, hurry up! Be a part of Hasit’s community to get all his updates before anybody else.

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